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Buy Luigi's Mansion 3 Switch key and indulge in the newest sequel to the Luigi’s Mansion series. This time, adventures are wilder, Luigi is more scared, and ghosts are as nefarious as ever! Basically, it’s a perfect game to get some laughs and play ghostbusters, Nintendo style! Spooky Hotel Vacation Ever heard the saying that if something is too good to be true, it probably is? Well, Luigi figured it out the hard way. He was invited for the vacation together with the rest of his friends, and the location seemed just fabulous – a fantastic hotel where each floor is differently themed. Buy Luigi's Mansion 3 Switch key and prepare for the rest… Or such was the plan. However, soon his friends are kidnapped, and Luigi has to gather all of his courage and once more face the ghostly apparitions to get his friends back. New abilities During his third encounter with the supernatural, Luigi is more prepared than ever! His Poltergust G-00 received a few upgrades. One of them is the Slam, an ability that allows you to smack the bad ghosts around, inflicting damage in order to better deal with them. Suction Shot can be used to grab breakable objects and destroy them; buy Luigi's Mansion 3 Switch key, turn on your Poltergust and it might reveal treasure or help you in combat situations. The third ability is called Burst. You can use to fend off a group of enemies that want to surround you or utilize it at the right time and help Luigi lift his feet off the ground.   Multiplayer Because almost any game is more fun with friends, Nintendo gives its players a choice between two multiplayer selections. One is related to another new Luigi’s skill to create his clone named Gooigi. The player can control Gooiji is a solo play or, when you buy Luigi's Mansion 3 Switch key, you can play as a co-op with a friend, where each player controls Gooigi and Luigi respectively. There are places only Gooigi can reach, and this makes for some fun team plays! Alternatively, you can connect to the ScareScraper, where up to 8 players can work together in local or online co-op games. In this mode, Luigis are tasked with capturing all the ghosts before the timer runs out. It’s both fun and challenging, and could make for some fun game-nights!


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